Our Services

Project Financing

We work with all types of clients to develop and finance projects that will meaningfully improve peoples’ lives. Specifically, we have a special interest in creatively financing projects in the emerging markets, where projects focused on power, utilities, infrastructure and transportation will bring the most benefit.

We are especially excited to support projects with a strong development impact. Reach out to us today to learn more about our flexible financing solutions.


Credit Enhancement

POSTD Merchant Banque has a team of experts who work with our clients to make their businesses more creditworthy, thereby reducing the cost of borrowing.

Our clients who have availed of our credit enhancement services have been able to take advantage of lower interest rates on loans, and have even had other avenues of borrowing money open up to them.

This service is most beneficial to project developers whose accounts may not have as much funds or have as strong a credit rating, but who need to secure financing from capital markets or commercial banks.

We provide quick and cost effective solutions to boost our clients’ financial profile.

Digital Banking Services

At POSTD Merchant Banque, we offer a safe, secure and efficient digital banking and fund management solution exclusively developed by the company.

This service relies on our strict identity verification system, which requires a digital certificate in order to access the available services and transactions.

As a PM Banque client, you can enjoy a full range of fund management services at the tip of your fingertips, without having to worry about leaving the comforts of your own home.


Bank Vaulting Services

Our bank vault services are designed especially for businesses that operate with a great amount of cash, not limited to just deposits.

This vaulting service provides an innovative solution to the often cumbersome issue of cash management needs. 

We provide secure on-site storage which allows you easy access to your liquid assets, while remaining completely protected, through our on-site safes, digital cash management software and armoured transportation services.

Restructuring/Debt Advisory/M&A

In addition to the above mentioned services, we also tailor-made services for capital structure options and project proposals. 

At POSTD Merchant Banque, we understand the importance of achieving stability while a company is in the midst of a disruption: whether you are looking to restructure, borrow money to keep the company afloat, or to merge with another firm, we are here to help. 

In these situations, we assist clients by thinking creatively about their options while keeping in mind all stakeholders involved. We also understand that each company and each situation is unique, which is why we are always ready to offer bespoke solutions to address the requirements of each individual client.



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    POSTD Merchant Banque (POSTD MB) is a non-depository financial institution.
    POSTD MB provides assistance in and access to Equity, Credit, and Real Estate Strategies.